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Custom Solutions
In construction industry there are times when we need an effective solution to reach the design concepts visualized by the architect and the market availability. We have been called on by leading contractors to give a helping hand in such situations.

In Intercontinental Hotels at Citystars, Cairo, soap dispensers were provided on marble vanity in bathrooms. The type of soap dispensers selected were such that, when fixed on the top, would barely leave space between its spout and marble top for fingers. Solution desired was to raise the base of the dispenser using a pedestal in shape of truncated cone. Ideally a marble base was the solution. However to shape marble in truncated cone was not cheap. We responded to the problem by providing a viable solution.

In Citystars shopping mall, Cairo, decor on one of the floors has stainless steel cladding to circular column. There is a circular opening in the cladding to fit decoration. The shape of the opening is similar to that of a cylinder intersecting another cylinder. The steel edge of this shape had to be covered. The shape is a three dimensional curve. Amongst various solutions they sought our material and we effectively did the job using

Our ability to cast solid surface for our client enables us to serve them in reaching results that would not be viable otherwise.
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