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As the name implies, solid surface is solid all the way through. There are no holes or internal faults as in natural stone. No veneer to peel, crack, chip or wear out. In addition, you have a 10 years extended warranty.
The uniqueness of lies in the fact that it is non-porous and seamless. This makes the surface anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This is in sharp contrast against marble cladding. Marble is porous. Pigment and dyes fill the pores of marble and stain marble. Dirt and grease collect in the pores and form breathing pockets for bacterium and fungi. Hence, where hygiene is important, it is imperative to use .
Seamless Joints
sheets, when joined are seamless. The joints are so well worked that a thin hairline gap is not visible. In addition, this gap is filled with adhesive from the very material is made of. Thus there is no joint in construction. Because of seamless construction is better than wood or other laminates that have joints. This also contributes to hygiene and dust free surfaces.
Smooth Finish
The final finish of surface can be matte or glossy as desired by the design of the customer's architect. In either case, the feel of the surface is very smooth. It is pleasant to touch and enhances the appearance of the surface.
Water resistant
does not absorb water. It is virtually unaffected if submerged in water for a long period of time. Similarly,  the atmospheric humidity does not affect  . Hence vanity and other items made from are not effected by water and are better alternative to wooden cabinet in bathrooms and kitchens.
Similarly, counters completely clad with are water resistant. At this point it should be noted that the counters are generally made from plywood or densified fiber boards. To waterproof the counters, no portion of the wood material should be exposed.
Termite resistant
Termites and other insects and larvae do not attack . Since construction does not have any crevices or cracks, it cannot harbour any of these pests.
Fire retardant
Laboratory test have proved that is not effected up to a temperature of 180ºC up to 4 hours. In fact at 200ºC one of the components of releases its water of hydration from its crystal. Hence it is a fire retardant.
Easily workable
is workable just like wood. We can use the normal carpentry tools to work on . Though demands a higher level of craftsmanship to produce a good finish, the tricks and tools of the carpentry trade is sufficient for cladding.
Multiple Design Options
gives architect and decorators the pleasure a child gets with moulding clay. When heated to 160ºC becomes semi-plastic and can be moulded to desired shape. We have made a complete sphere using . With freedom to play with shapes and colour, removes design constraints posed by materials.
Special Design
has been useful in solving many a problems confronted by architects and contractors. Refer to special application to learn how we helped our clients to reach a cost effective solution to onsite problems.
A broad range of Colour spectrum
comes in a rainbow of several colours. If the job warrants then virtually any hue can be imparted to . In addition we have the grain pattern with combination of different colours and sizes of grains. The colour adaptability is unique to , because it can be custom made for clients locally. Other manufacturers produce standard colours and cannot entertain colour customization.
Light Weight
is lighter than most natural stones. The specific gravity of natural stones varies between 2 to 5. Specific gravity of is 1.4. This makes ideally suitable for cladding. The extra effort required during construction using heavy natural stones is not necessary. Also, during the life of the product, the weight related factors lend an extra life to the product. One cannot think of marble door to a cabinet or drawer. The hinges will ware out and shorten the effective life of the cabinet. This is not the case with
Better physical properties than natural stone
Flexural, compressive and tensile strengths and fracture modulus of are higher than marble. This makes a better choice than natural stones. This superior strength is sufficient for most use. However if need arises and a still higher flexural strength is required then we can reinforce with suitable materials. This additional reinforcement can only be imparted to locally manufactured . Any other compatible manufacturer may not be able to provide this solution to specific requirements
Better Impact resistant
has a higher modulus of fracture as compared to natural stones, ceramics and chinaware. Hence it can absorb impacts better. is cast as per the solid surface specification. It is mixed in vacuums and undergoes post curing procedures. This gives an added strength to impinging water jet forces from faucet. This is of special importance for use in sanitary wares.
Better chemical resistant
has superior chemical resistance than natural stones and many of its competitors. The details of chemical resistance are covered under the chemical composition of the product.
Temperature resistant
is resistant to heat and cold. It remains stable and undamaged within reasonable hot/cold fluctuations.
Easy to Clean
Cleaning the dirt from is easier than cleaning from wood or other laminations.
Easy to Maintain
is unique among all decorative surfacing in that it can be restored to its original look and feel through an onsite sanding process, without any loss in product quality. The age of the material has no effect on its ability to be renewed.
Easily Repairable
Should become damaged, it can be repaired and made to look like new, when serviced by qualified professionals. One must weigh this advantage against breakage of natural stone tops or china/ceramics.
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