is a solid surface material. The material is available in various size and shapes. Sheets of are available in standard nominal thicknesses of 6mm (¼") and 12.7mm (½"). The standard sizes of the sheets are 250cm x 80cm. and 315cm x 85cm. Thickness of 19mm (¾") can also be ordered.
6mm (¼")
12.7mm (½")
19mm (¾")
Size in mm
2500 x 800
2500 x 800
2500 x 800
Size in mm
3000 x 850
3000 x 850
In addition to sheets, following items made from are available:
Square and rectangle tables have an alternate design with chamfered edge.
Nominal size of tables in cm
60 x 60
60 ø
70 x 70
70 ø
80 x 80
80 ø
80 x 100
90 ø
80 x 120
100 ø
90 x 90
120 ø
90 x 120
150 ø
100 x 100
180 ø
80 x 140
200 ø
80 x 160
Window sill Plain
Grecian Column with circular base
Window sill with profile
Custom solutions
Lotus bowl with top and Mirror
Frentum Wash Basin with Mirror & Light box
Single bowl kitchen sink of size 55cm x 63cm and 20cm deep. It comes with 4 standard drain hole
Triple bowl kitchen sink of size 55cm x 109cm. Side bowls are 20cm deep and the central bowl is 10cm deep. Each bowl comes with 4 standard drain hole
Dais as used on stages for public address. Optionally this comes fitted with reading light and side tables.
Skirting for Circular Column
Laguna wash basin
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