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is a solid surface. It is an alternative media to be used by construction industry in the field of furnishing and decoration. It is used in cladding of walls, counters in offices and airports, tabletops in restaurants, vanity tops and other sanitary fixtures in bathrooms.

Materials similar to are available under the brand name of Corian®, Avonite®, Surrell®, Fountainhead®, Swanstone®, Hi-Mac® and others. Most of these are available as sheets and crafted locally to make furniture, wall coverings, flooring etc. In addition, they make washbasin sinks in neutral colours and make beautiful wash basins.

What is ®
is a solid surface material. It is made from raw materials of best quality under strict technical supervision and as per the state of arts industrial specification.

and others are cast polymers are manufactured by polymerization of monomers. Monomers are used in manufacture of these materials are petrochemical based hydrocarbons. Generally, acrylic, styrene and glycol monomers are used. In presence of catalysts and under right condition of temperature and pressure, the monomer molecules form an atomic bond with the other monomer and form a larger molecule. This process continues till all the valency bonds of all the monomers are linked. Along with the resin, which form the monomer different type of fillers are used. The filler along with the type of resin used impart physical and chemical properties to the cast polymer. In addition to resin and filler pigments are used to impart desired colour. Solid surface differ from cast polymer in the fact that the mixing of the material is done under vacuum. The final product is nominally free from pores and air bubbles.

conforms to ICPA SS-1-1997 (Solid Surface Standard) from International Cast polymer Association, USA and ISSFA-2-01 from International Solid Surface Fabricators Association, USA. It is considered acceptable to be used in places where protection is required from fungi and bacteria
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